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Welcome to the official Wiki for the 2022 Hip & Shoulder Fantasy Football League (H&SFFL)!
The information below should provide you with everything you need to have some fun and compete in the 2022 H&SFFL Competition.


Really, all you need to know is we’re conducting a live draft, proposed to begin at 10am Sunday 27th March AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) in which 10 coaches (including you) will take turns to draft AFL players to your team which will participate in a fantasy competition called Hip & Shoulder Fantasy Football League (H&SFFL). Once an AFL player is drafted onto one team, that player will be unavailable to be drafted by any other team. We’ll use our H&SFFL competition page on the AFL Fantasy website to conduct the draft.

The competition will run over 18 weeks (in AFL a week is also known as a “Round”) from Thursday 31st March (beginning of Round 3) to the end of July (end of Round 20), followed by a two week finals series ending with our Grand Final played 12th-14th August (ie Round 22).

Your team will score points and play 9 other teams twice through the season. Your team will win a particular week if it outscores the team it is opposing for that week. The four teams with the best accumulated win-loss ratio at the end of Round 21 will participate in the two week knockout finals series to determine the Premier (the AFL equivalent of NFL Superbowl champion).

There is no entry fee - participating in the H&SFFL is free. However, that also means there is no prize money either, just bragging rights!

So what do I need to do?
If you haven’t already done so, then register your team to participate. To do that, follow the link below under "Instructions on how to register your team" and answer the questions.

That’s it really. The rest of the detail you can read through at your leisure if you want to. Of course, should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. I can be contacted via e-mail at

Instructions on how to register your team
Navigate to this link using your favourite browser:

This will take you to the AFL Fantasy website signup page. If you have not played AFL Fantasy before, then click on the Sign up button under “New to AFL Fantasy?” heading. If you have played before, enter your existing Email address and Password and click on the Sign in button.

If you are new to AFL Fantasy, you will be presented with a Sign up page. Enter the appropriate details, such as First name, Surname, Email address, etc and then click on the Register your account button at the bottom of the page.

The AFL Fantasy website will then ask you to sign up to Fantasy Coach. This is completely up to you but please be aware it costs money to subscribe. If you want to skip this, just choose the “Skip this for now” button at the bottom of the page.

The next page is a choice between the two different types of Fantasy games offered by the AFL - Classic and Draft. Our competition has been setup to participate in the Draft game. To register your team to play in the H&SFFL competition, enter the private PIN number XK5PEH2Z into the “Already have a draft league PIN?” section on the right side of the page and click the search icon.

Now, this is where it gets a little confusing. The process you have just gone through should have registered your team into the H&SFFL competition. However, this isn’t immediately obvious. To ensure your team is registered I suggest you find the drop down menu immediately to the left of the “Help” and “Account” drop down menus on the upper right side of the page. If your registration has been successful, this should say “Hip & Shoulder FFL”.

If you are having difficulty registering then I can give you a hand. Just contact me via e-mail at and I’ll help you through the process.

That’s it - you should now be registered, ready for the draft.


The AFL Season

The 2022 AFL Season begins at 7:10pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday 16th March with the first game of Round 1. There are 23 Rounds in the 2022 AFL "Home & Away" season, meaning the last game of the final Round will finish in mid-August. The term "Home & Away" is used in AFL to describe the preliminary part of the season, in which all AFL teams play to either qualify for or get eliminated from participating in the finals series. The AFL finals series (which is a knockout style system) is then played in the month following the conclusion of the Home & Away season and concludes with the Grand Final (the AFL version of the Superbowl) on Saturday 24th September 2022.

For those interested, here is a link to the 2022 AFL fixture.


There are a number of Rounds which contain byes when certain AFL teams will not be participating in a particular Round. Six AFL teams in Rounds 12, 13 and 14 experience a bye. As coach you will need to carefully consider the balance of your fantasy team during these Rounds or you may find yourself not being able to field a full complement of players for that matchup - thus handing your opponent a big advantage.

Interestingly, the concept of a bye was implemented by the AFL in years past due to the AFL having odd numbers of teams due to expansion. However, the current use of the bye is not so much to achieve league balance, but to provide a mid-season rest for players during the long AFL season.

Our League Competition

Our League has been created. We have a total of 10 coaches in the league. The names and contact details of all 10 coaches are set out in the table below.

Coach Name Team name Coach E-Mail
Charlie Neal DetrDemo
Dion McDonald Crazy Quokkas
Joe Sherwood Cartilage
John Keil H&S Kooks
Jordan McDonald Tigers of Wallstreet
Lachlan McDonald The Reikland Reavers
Matt McDonald Matts Marvels
Sebastian Monka Sabo's Superstars
Stuart Clark Hot Pies 2022
Tim Hammer Blood Suckers

The name of our league is "Hip & Shoulder FFL". For those less familiar with the AFL vernacular, a "hip and shoulder" (also known as a shirtfront) refers to a particularly hard bump, usually to an unsuspecting opposition player. Here is a short video of some textbook examples. Who said the AFL wasn’t a contact sport?

Should you need it, the League PIN number is: XK5PEH2Z

You should have already received a separate invitation via e-mail, but just in case you didn't or you simply need another reference, the following link will enable you to join the 2022 H&SFFL competition:

Our league will play games from Round 3 of the AFL season, up to and including Round 20, with a two week knockout final series played over Round 21 and Round 22. This means the H&SFFL competition will conclude with our Grand Final played over the weekend of 12th-14th August 2022.

How to Play

A link to the official AFL Draft Game Guidelines is here for you to refer to which should answer most of your questions.

For further assistance, refer here also for the AFL Fantasy help guide on the AFL Fantasy Website.

Prior to the start of the AFL season

Ours is a redraft league with 10 participating teams, with one of these teams selected and coached by you. You will participate in a live draft, proposed to begin at 10am on Sunday 27th March AEDT, where each coach will take turns to select a total of 19 players from a pool of eligible AFL players. Once a coach drafts a player onto their team, that player becomes unavailable to be drafted by any other coach.

Once the AFL season has begun

Each H&SFFL team will play every other team in a set fixture twice through the season for the first 18 weeks (Rounds 3-20). Weeks 19 and 20 (Rounds 21 and 22) will be reserved for finals, with the Grand Final to be played over Week 22.

Selecting your team each week

Each week you will select 11 players (from the 19 players on your list) to compete against your opponent’s H&SFFL team. The 8 players not selected will be your reserve players and will not contribute to your team score. The 11 selected players in your lineup each week must be made up from the following position types:
3 x Defenders
4 x Midfielders
1 x Ruck
3 x Forwards

There are some players that have been designated as "dual position" players, meaning you can allocate them to one of multiple positions on your team each week. These players are generally considered more valuable due to their flexibility.

Emergency players

Select 4 Emergencies each week so that if one of your starting Players does not play, your Emergency Player's Score will be used as a replacement. An Emergency has to be from the same position on the ground as your missing Player for their Score to count. If you select two Emergencies in the same position, only the lowest scoring Emergency will be used, so select your Emergencies wisely!


Your selected players will score points based on their performance ie number of kicks, marks, handballs, goals etc they accumulate during the game. Please refer to the table below for how statistics contribute to a player's score.

Statistic Type Points Scored
Kick +3
Handball +2
Mark +3
Tackle +4
Free Kick For +1
Free Kick Against -3
Goal +6
Behind +1
Hitout +1

The sum of the scores for all 11 players on your team is your team score for that particular week. Your team score is compared to the team score of your opposition team to determine whether your team wins, loses or draws (ie a tie) for that week. The four teams with the best accumulated win-loss ratio through Rounds 3-20 will play in the finals series over Rounds 21 and 22.

“Captain” scoring is switched on for 2022. This means each coach will also nominate one of their 11 selected players each week as their captain, with this player scoring double points for that week. So, don’t forget to designate a captain each week otherwise you will potentially hand your opponent a big advantage.

Changing players on your team throughout the season

There are two ways to change your team throughout the season:

  1. Free Agency (aka waiver wire) - where you can elect to discard players you no longer want on your team for players that are not currently part of any other H&SFFL team.
  2. Trade with another H&SFFL team - where you can agree with another coach to trade one or more players between H&SFFL teams. Please note that all trades are subject to the approval of the H&SFFL Commissioner.

The Draft
We will be using a classic snake style draft approach where the coach with the first choice in the first round of the draft receives the last choice in the second round of the draft, and so on. More about snake style drafts can be found here.

At the beginning of the draft, all AFL players are available and in the "draft pool". During the draft, each coach will draft 19 players for their team. Once a player is drafted, they are no longer available to be drafted onto any other team. You may draft any combination of players, however, please keep in mind the player combination you must field each week as discussed above in "Selecting your team each week".

The Draft Date & Time
The live draft will begin on Sunday 27th March at 10am Melbourne, Australia AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

This is equivalent to:
9am on Sunday 27th March in Brisbane;
9:30am Sunday 27th March in Adelaide;
7pm on Saturday 26th March in New York City;
6pm on Saturday 26th March in Dallas; and
4pm on Saturday 26th March in Los Angeles.
As the H&SFFL competition requires a live draft it is important that you are available to participate at this time.

The Draft Order

2022 H&SFFL Draft Order
Pick H&SFFL Team Name Coach Name
1 Sabo’s Superstars Sebastian Monka
2 Crazy Quokkas Dion McDonald
3 cartilage Joe Sherwood
4 Matts Marvels Matt McDonald
5 Hot Pies 2022 Stuart Clark
6 The Reikland Reavers Lachlan McDonald
7 Laughing Kooks John Keil
8 DetrDemo Charlie Neal
9 Tigers of Wallstreet Jordan McDonald
10 Blood Suckers Tim Hammer

So what do I need to do now?

If you’ve not already done this, you should confirm you are participating in the competition using one of the following two methods:

  1. Finding the email sent to you from “AFL Fantasy” and follow the instructions to register your team; or
  2. using the following link to register your team:

Please refer to the section above under "Instructions on how to register your team" for more detailed instructions on how to do this.

Other stuff that may be of interest

Official H&SFFL Wiki:

What does that mean?

General AFL commentary:

Fantasy AFL commentary sites:

Other interesting sites / apps:

Some sites for AFL team and player stats:

Commentary on 2022 AFL fixture difficulty for each team:

Official AFL Fantasy Draft Help and Game Guidelines:

The Official AFL Website:

Quick video overview of AFL:

Well, that's about it. If you need any help with anything at all, then don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to seeing you all during the season - it should be lots of fun!

Note: If anybody has any changes they'd like to make or finds anything else of interest they would like to add to this Wiki then please contact me and I'll do so.

H&SFFL Premiership History

H&SFFL Premiership History
Year Winning Team Name Winning Coach Name Pts v Pts Runner-up Team Name Runner-up Coach Name
2022 Blood Suckers Tim Hammer 1,015 v 1,011 Laughing Kooks John Keil
2021 Tigers of Wallstreet Jordan McDonald 1,246 v 1,126 DetrDemo Charlie Neal
2020⁺ - - - - -
2019 Tigers of Wallstreet Jordan McDonald v H&S Kooks John Keil

2020 season did not run due to Covid

H&SFFL All Time Records

H&SFFL All Time Team High Scores
# H&SFFL Team Pts Week
1 HotPies2022 1,350 W9 2022
2 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,346 W20 2022
3 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,344 W3 2021
4 DetrDemo 1,343 W9 2021
5 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,339 W14 2021
6 Laughing Kooks 1,336 W18 2022
7 DetrDemo 1,310 W18 2022
8 Crazy Quokkas 1,292 W16 2021
9 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,282 W13 2021
10 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,278 W17 2021
11 HotPies2022 1,263 W13 2022
12 Crazy Quokkas 1,262 W3 2021
13 HotPies2022 1,257 W5 2022
14 Blood Suckers 1,250 W17 2021
15 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,246 W20 2021
16 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,244 W19 2022
17 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,242 W7 2021
18 HotPies2022 1,237 W14 2022
19 HotPies2022 1,235 W1 2022
20 West Coast Serpents 1,230 W15 2022
21 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,228 W15 2021
22 Crazy Quokkas 1,227 W8 2021
23 DetrDemo 1,226 W12 2021
24 DetrDemo 1,224 W15 2021
25 Laughing Kooks 1,220 W14 2022
26 DetrDemo 1,219 W13 2021
27 Crazy Quokkas 1,218 W7 2021
Laughing Kooks 1,218 W19 2022
29 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,217 W17 2022
30 Blood Suckers 1,215 W10 2021
Tigers of Wallstreet 1,215 W15 2022
32 Crazy Quokkas 1,211 W5 2022
DetrDemo 1,211 W15 2022
34 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,204 W5 2021
Crazy Quokkas 1,204 W17 2021
36 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,198 W10 2021
37 H&S Kooks 1,197 W5 2021
DetrDemo 1,197 W16 2022
39 HotPies2022 1,194 W6 2022
40 DetrDemo 1,193 W3 2021
41 Tigers of Wallstreet 1,192 W4 2021
42 cartilage 1,190 W6 2022
43 DetrDemo 1,189 W10 2021
44 cartilage 1,184 W13 2021
45 cartilage 1,182 W18 2021
46 Blood Suckers 1,179 W5 2021
Tigers of Wallstreet 1,179 W18 2021
48 The Reikland Reavers 1,178 W9 2022
49 HotPies2022 1,176 W4 2022
50 H&S Kooks 1,174 W2 2021

H&SFFL Player All Time High Scores
# Player Name Position H&SFFL Team Pts Week
1 Stephen Coniglio Midfielder - 192 W11 2019
2 Lachie Whitfield Midfielder - 190 W9 2019
3 Josh Dunkley Midfielder / Forward - 189 W17 2019
4 Brodie Grundy Ruck - 181 W18 2019
Andrew Brayshaw Midfielder DetrDemo 181 R2 2022⁺
6 Jack Macrae Midfielder - 180 W14 2019
7 Zach Merrett Midfielder cartilage 172 W18 2022
8 Jack Billings Midfielder - 170 W13 2019
Jack Ziebell Defender / Forward Tigers of Wallstreet 170 W3 2021
10 Brandon Ellis Midfielder Blood Suckers 169 W4 2021
Tom Stewart Defender HotPies2022 169 W9 2022
12 Brodie Grundy Ruck - 168 W14 2019
13 Partick Cripps Midfielder - 163 W4 2019
Rory Laird Midfielder Laughing Kooks 163^ W16 2022
Rowan Marshall Forward / Ruck DetrDemo 163 W18 2022
16 Patrick Dangerfield Midfielder - 162 W12 2019
Lachie Whitfield Defender / Midfielder - 162 W3 2019
Jack Steele Midfielder cartilage 162 W17 2021
Callum Mills Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 162 W4 2022
20 Clayton Oliver Midfielder - 161 W8 2019
Stephen Coniglio Midfielder - 161 W2 2019
Jarryd Lyons Midfielder Blood Suckers 161^ W11 2021
Harry Himmelberg Forward Free Agent 161 W11 2022
24 Touk Miller Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 160 W8 2021
Darcy Parrish Midfielder DetrDemo 160^ W9 2021
26 Jack Macrae Midfielder Crazy Quokkas 159^ W3 2021
Reilly O'Brien Ruck HotPies2022 159 W9 2022
28 Josh Dunkley Midfielder / Forward - 158 W13 2019
Jordan Dawson Defender / Midfielder Free Agent 158 R23 2021*
30 Luke Parker Midfielder / Forward - 157 W14 2019
Jack Steele Midfielder cartilage 157 W13 2021
Tom Mitchell Midfielder Blood Suckers 157 W13 2021
Tom Stewart Defender HotPies2022 157 W5 2022
Jack Viney Midfielder West Coast Serpents 157 W11 2022
35 Tim Taranto Midfielder / Forward - 156 W13 2019
Ben Keays Midfielder The Reikland Reavers 156 W3 2021
Andrew Brayshaw Midfielder DetrDemo 156 W17 2021
Angus Brayshaw Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 156† W1 2022
Callum Mills Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 156 W7 2022
40 Jack Ziebell Defender / Forward - 155 W9 2019
Tim Taranto Midfielder / Forward - 155 W9 2019
Clayton Oliver Midfielder Sabo's Superstars 155 W7 2021
Touk Miller Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 155 W14 2021
Sam Walsh Midfielder Matts Marvels 155 W15 2021
Errol Gulden Midfielder / Forward Blood Suckers 155 W18 2022
46 Lachie Hunter Midfielder - 154 W17 2019
Andrew Gaff Midfielder H&S Kooks 154 R3 2021⁺
Oliver Wines Midfielder Tigers of Wallstreet 154 W11 2021
Bailey Smith Midfielder cartilage 154 R1 2022⁺
Jack Steele Midfielder cartilage 154 W17 2022

score occurred prior to start of H&SFFL season and so didn't contribute
nominated as captain so player scored double points
played on bench and so didn't contribute to teams score

Last updated: 16th August 2022